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What is OraStripdx?
OraStripdx is a simple diagnostic tool that visualises periodontal disease1

OraStripdx is a diagnostic strip that estimates the level of thiols dissolved in oral fluid.1


Periodontal bacteria in pets’ mouths produce the volatile sulfur compounds hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and methyl mercaptan (CH3SH), which are key drivers of the disease in pets.2


Not only are these thiols the main cause of oral halitosis, they are toxic to gingival tissues and are implicated in the development and progression of periodontal disease.2


OraStripdx helps detect active periodontal disease in its early stages, sometimes before visual cues are present.1

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Thiol tests are recommended by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) Global Dental Guidelines 2020.3

WSAVA recognises the effectiveness of thiol tests in giving an almost immediate indication of the status of pet periodontal disease.3

Hear from the expert
Hear from Brook A. Niemiec (DVM, Diplomate, American Veterinary Dental College, Diplomate, European Veterinary Dental College, Fellow of the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry) as he explains how OraStripdx has become a valuable tool in practice.

Use the timestamps provided at the bottom of the video to navigate through the content and skip directly to the sections that pique your interest.

Topics covered include:

00.00–01.10: Why is periodontal disease such a problem?

01.10–02.18: Are awake examinations enough to diagnose periodontal disease?

02.18–05.10: Is it possible to diagnose periodontal disease without anaesthesia?

05.10–07.12: How OraStripdx has helped patients in Dr Niemiec’s practice

07.12–08.29: How Dr Niemiec uses OraStripdx in practice, including a demonstration in clinic

OraStripdx efficacy
OraStripdx has proven efficacy and correlation to anaesthetised examinations: 99% of positive thiol tests have active periodontal disease on full-mouth anaesthetised examination1

In a study of 114 dogs who had a visual awake examination and a thiol test prior to undergoing a full-mouth anaesthetised examination:1

82% Inflammation visible

94/114 dogs had visible inflammation on the awake examination

113/114 dogs had a positive thiol test

40% Moderate to severe inflammation visible

40/101 dogs had moderate to severe inflammation on awake examination, with a gingival index of ≥2

94/101 dogs had a positive thiol test

48% Moderate to severe inflammation with bone loss present

85 dogs had bone loss

Only 41/85 dogs showed moderate to severe inflammation

Following a visual awake examination in 114 dogs, the proportion of dogs presenting with visible inflammation was statistically significantly different from the proportion of dogs actually having active periodontal disease.1
How to use OraStripdx
OraStripdx is easy to use, producing clear results in 10 seconds2
  • OraStripdx is composed of a dry porous pad, pre-treated with a mixture containing a thiol detection reagent, attached to a plastic backing.2

  • Gently swipe the strip on the maxillary gingival margin for 10 seconds, as this is the spot that displays the largest range of thiol concentrations.2

  • Ensure the tongue (which can also harbour thiol-producing bacteria) does not make contact with the porous pad on the test strip.2

  • After 10 seconds, the pad will change colour from off-white to various intensities of yellow, representing the concentration of thiols present.2

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An OraStripdx result provides you with a snapshot of pets’ dental health, indicating the probability of significant gingival inflammation and alveolar bone loss.1

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Taking action after the results
OraStripdx provides an objective visual result that helps you initiate the conversation with clients about their pet’s dental health1
  • OraStripdx helps to start the conversation about dental health with your clients.1

  • It’s important to communicate to clients that just because periodontal disease isn’t visible, that doesn’t mean it’s not present – and OraStripdx helps to visualise the extent of hidden disease.1

The results of an OraStripdx test can help you provide your clients with rationale for further action, including:1
  • The need for a full-mouth anaesthetised examination to establish an extended diagnosis.

  • The need to discuss and implement a long-term dental care routine, including home care.

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