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Plactiv+ Oral Care

Get started with Plaqtiv+

Plactiv+ Oral Care
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Recommended by and exclusively available from vets, Plaqtiv+ is a new oral care range designed to simplify dental care in cats and dogs.

It’s not too late to
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The best time to begin a dental care routine is when pets are young, as this gets them used to it early.1 But regardless of your pet’s age or history, it’s never too late to start home dental care – and there’s a Plaqtiv+ product for every stage of your pet’s dental journey.

Click the buttons below to see how different Plaqtiv+ products can fit into a dental care routine. If you’re looking to start a new routine for your pet, speak to your vet for individual advice.

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This is the perfect time to start a dental care routine.


Start with spray, then wipes, then toothpaste. If you don’t manage to progress all the way to toothbrushing, the water additive is a great add-on.

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Dental food/chews are good at targeting the back teeth, but tend to miss the front teeth.


Spray or wipes are handy options for use on the front teeth, ensuring your pet’s whole mouth is covered.

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If you find toothbrushing tricky, you don’t have to do it every day.


On days you don’t brush, use the water additive for extra effectiveness without extra effort.

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The water additive can be used at least 1 month before the procedure, as well as after the procedure when brushing isn’t possible.

Downloadable resources
Dental disease can do more damage than you think leaflet

This leaflet will help you understand why home dental care matters, and how Plaqtiv+ could fit into your pet’s dental journey.

Frequently asked questions

Studies of the Plaqtiv+ water additive have shown no evidence of adverse events related to consumption of the water additive, even at 5 times the recommended dose.

Yes – the Plaqtiv+ water additive can be used in multi-dog or multi-cat households, as well as households with both dogs and cats.

The Plaqtiv+ water additive is suitable for both animals. It is also used at the same concentration regardless of the pet’s size or breed. Small pets drink less, and so will naturally ingest less product than larger pets.

Sunlight has no effect on the active ingredients of Plaqtiv+.

There is no limit on how long water containing the Plaqtiv+ water additive can be left out, although it’s best to change your pet’s water regularly.