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Seeing is
What is OraStripdx?
OraStripdx is a simple diagnostic tool that visualises periodontal disease1

OraStripdx is a diagnostic strip that estimates the level of sulfur-containing chemicals dissolved in oral fluid.1

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Periodontal disease in pets is driven by harmful sulfur-containing chemicals produced by bacteria in the pets’ mouths.2


Not only are these sulfur compounds the main cause of bad breath, they are toxic to pets’ gums and are known to cause the development and progression of periodontal disease.2


OraStripdx helps detect active periodontal disease in its early stages, sometimes before it’s even visible.1


OraStripdx is easy for your vet to use, and gives clear results in 10 seconds.2

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Where to get an OraStripdx test
An OraStripdx test takes seconds to complete and gives you a good idea of the health of your pet’s gums.

Just ask your vet or nurse at your next appointment.

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Ask your vet for your 10-second OraStripdx test